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Reflexology and Maternity Reflexology in Hitchin, Hertfordshire

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the theory that reflex points on the feet, or hands, correspond to various systems and organs of the body. During treatment gentle pressure is applied to these points and areas which cause physiological changes to take place, as the body’s own healing potential is stimulated.

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How Does It Work?

There are many different theories about how reflexology works. Ultimately I think it’s best to see how you feel after a treatment. The results I have seen can be just amazing.

If you are after an explanation then I personally believe that reflexology works to restore energy flow within our bodies to an optimum level for good health. It is, after all, blockages in our body’s natural energy system that can result in illness or imbalance.

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Where Did It Come From?

The art of reflexology is Eastern in its origin and dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian times. Modern reflexology was popularised in the West in the early 1900’s, mainly through the work of Dr William Fitzgerald and then by Eunice Ingham, who charted the feet in relation to the zones of the foot and their effects on the rest of the anatomy.

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What Can I Expect During A Treatment?

A normal treatment lasts up to an hour, although your first session will be slightly longer so that I can take a medical history which will enable me to tailor the treatment to your individual needs. Reflexology is a holistic therapy and so we may talk about lifestyle and diet and how stress impacts on you, but whatever you choose to tell me will be in complete confidence.

You will then be made comfortable on my treatment couch with just your shoes, and socks, removed whilst I carry out your treatment.

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Will It Hurt?

If there is discomfort in some places, this may be an indication of imbalance within the body, but no, the treatment shouldn’t be painful.

The overall sensation is usually a deeply relaxing and soothing one.

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How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This very much depends on why you have chosen to have treatment, and how you feel afterwards. Some people introduce reflexology as a way of dealing with the stress and anxiety we often face in modern day living and see me on a regular basis, maybe monthly, as one of the ways of looking after themselves. Which is great.

Other clients are trying to look at a specific health issue, in which case I would advise to have treatments close together, until we start to see an improvement. Reflexology has a cumulative effect and so I really would suggest as many as 6 sessions as close together as weekly, if at all possible.

I will look at working out a treatment plan with you once we have met.

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I am pregnant - How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Again this will depend on many factors such as: if you work, how you are feeling in your pregnancy and if there are any specific issues you would like help with. It’s best to call me so we can decide what feels best, but as a general idea when we get closer to your due date I would ideally be seeing you weekly, and if you are having reflexology earlier on in your pregnancy as little as once a month would be of benefit.

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